I am the head cross country and track and field coach at Cheney High School in Cheney, KS. It is a 3A school with 242 students.  I also have a self-published novel Magic Carpet Ride. (Buy it here!), and I launched a history-themed podcast in November 2017.

My initial goal here was to provide a resource for coaches and athletes to find and share information.  I’d still like that to happen, but after 100s of spam bots and zero humans signed up, I removed the message board.  Better conversations might happen through other social media and email.  I’d be glad to answer any questions.

I suppose it isn’t highly recommended to have a website so varied in focus (or not really focused at all), but this is the domain and I registered and it’s my turf, so it’s just going to deal with everything that is me.  Hopefully you’re interested in at least one of the same things or you wouldn’t be reading this!

My brief track and field bio:

I grew up in Cheney, KS. In high school I was a class 3A state champion in track (3200m) and cross country.  I ran four years (in the middle of the pack) at Wichita State University under John “JK” Kornelson.  I started coaching in 2004 at Wichita East (Jim Ryun’s alma mater) before ending up at my own alma mater.

I am USATF Level 2 certified in endurance, jumps, sprints/hurdles/relays, and youth specialization.

Non-track related: I have seen every Oscar winner for best picture and 489 of 531 best picture nominees, including every single one from the last 40 years.  My favorite movies are Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption with special asterisks going to The Lord of the Rings trilogy and ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy (I prefer to live in a world where Darth Vader was never a whiny teenager).

In general, I’m way better at talking and thinking about writing than I am about sitting down and doing it.  But I did manage to get one short novel out and hope to produce more in the future.

PRs (if you care)

800 – 1:58

1500 – 4:04

1 mile (indoor) – 4:25

3200 (HS) – 9:42

5K (HS CC) – 16:12

8K (CC) – 26:19

10K (CC) – 33:00

10 mile – 1:00:17

Half marathon – 1:24:06

Marathon – 3:28:59